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Zombies want Climate Change

May 21, 2013

Guardian: “Zombie climate sceptic theories survive only in newspapers and on TV” by Graham Readfearn:

dead theories hang around like slack-jawed zombies in the graveyards of global media outlets. … readers can be more certain that when they hear that climate change might not be caused by humans, it’s probably just a zombie theory.

But the comments include many who think that Readfearn’s is also a zombie argument. That’s the thing with zombie ideas, both sides think the other is the zombie!

Today in Washington Post, cartoonist Tom Toles writes “My, what sunken eyes you have!“:

We ARE the zombies. We are eager for the post-apocalyptic world, and all we need is the final apocalypse … Civilization is for REGULAR humans. Zombies have DIFFERENT ideas of a good time. … on some level we must WANT catastrophe.

Toles also explains that “Congress is the place the zombies ALREADY control” and for zombies “the real fun [is] of mutual predation”.

Which reminds me of last month in HuffPost: “Zombies and the Plants Who Can’t Wait for Them to Take Over” by Dr. Chris Martine, David Burpee Professor at Bucknell University:

from the perspective of the living environment a zombie-dominated world may not be so bad. … zombies take no interest in nature — they just look for humans to eat. … Zombies don’t mow the lawn or douse it with herbicides. They don’t cut down trees to build houses or to make charcoal. Contrary to the central plot of the Plants vs. Zombies video games, these two classes of beings probably have little to fight about.

See more about the Zombie Anthropocene.


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