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transhuman glassed-out zombie glassholes

May 20, 2013

The Atlantic: “Google Zombie: The Glass Wearers of Tomorrow” by Ian Bogost:

the zombie: neither living nor dead, but suspended interminably between the two. Wearers are neither present nor absent, neither here nor there, neither in-person nor on-line, neither attentive nor oblivious.

An animated corpse, the zombie was once lost to eternal rest before having been reanimated by means of witchcraft. Likewise, the Google Glass wearer was once absent, lost to the digital netherworld of the smartphone, before having been remanifested by means of today’s black enchantment — technology. If zombie corpses are undead, zombie wearers are unabsent. There but here, but neither, but both.

The zombie also helps explain why the narcotic metaphor of glassing-out seems so apt. The zoned-out wearer is not stoned but hypnotized: the living person whose consciousness is absent even as he or she remains physically present.

See similarly, Social Media zombies, and Zombie Eyes, and zombie relationship to drugs and technology.

Consider also the zombie metaphors dialectical function – the idea of neither living nor dead but both, is related to social media as the neither here nor there. It is also related to trans-gender issues .. See Autostraddle: “I’m Not A Gender Zombie and Neither Are You: Rejecting Anti-Trans Bigotry From Rachel Ivey and Deep Green Resistance” by Savannah:

At a certain a point, its almost like transphobic radical feminists view trans women as little more than walking gender zombies; those of us who are attracted to men transitioned to escape being seen as gay males, those of us who are attracted to women did it to enter the women’s bathroom, more generally, trans women supposedly transitioned because male socialization prevented us from expressing our emotions when we were viewed as boys, and the only way to escape being seen as a ‘weak, emotional man was’ of course to become a woman. None of us could have possibly transitioned out of a genuine sense of our own personhood.

This is the issue of personhood within the modern liberalism project. (Are corporations people?) It is a problem of conflicting messages and binomial absurdities – Zombies transcend binomial preconceptions; new technologies do too.

The question of what it means to be a person is changing. Assholes are those that refuse to empathize with others. They glassed-out can’t even see what they are doing (or allowing) is wrong. But none of us are human; we are all transhuman cyborgs imagining persons within this social-construction machine.

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