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Candy Box: “A walled off zombie warrior. He probably did something bad to end up here.”

May 12, 2013

There is a great (relatively) new free game called “Candy Box” by Aniwey. It was recently reviewed by Gamasutra: “Why Candy Box became more social than ‘social games’“:

Candy Box is built on continually surprising players by rewarding patience and curiosity.

The “charming minimalism” belies the skillful game design. And what viral media game would be complete without a zombie? (there are also ghost, unicorns, rhinoceros and a cute Ascii dragon)

zombie warrior candy box aniwey

The zombie is in the Castle Keep quest but that quest has a randomize in it so that you don’t always go to the zombie room. I have been able to repeatedly kill the zombie by using an invulnerability potion and a fire scroll. After killing the zombie you pick up an amulet, but so far I have been unable to beat the dragon after the zombie. With help from a youtube tutorial I was able to learn to beat the dragon with invulnerability potions and seeds but I have yet to do so in the same run through as killing a zombie. According to Candy Box Wiki, the old amulet would triple candy

UPDATE: I just went back and did it — rolling in candies now, but no idea how to handle the Hell quest…

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