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Frauds Hackers Bitcoins Foreclosures Austerity

May 9, 2013

Gizmodo: “Gaming League Employee Turns 14,000 Users Into Bitcoin-Mining Zombies” by Brian Barrett is about bitcoin harvesting off customer’s computers without them knowing.

Madison, Wisconsin, another hacked roadsign: “Zombies invade Madison (according to hacked roadwork sign)” by Rob Thomas

New Jersey: Op-Ed by Silvio Laccetti is about issues of mistaken death in credit records. The op-ed is entitled both “Once they’ve checked out, zombies can’t cash in” and “Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America“:

Zombies. They are everywhere, having multiple causes and origins. … Friends generally reacted with nervous laughter (like laughing about the existence of zombies before you see or become one). … How do you prove you exist? The philosophical standard, “I think, therefore I am,” becomes “I am, … I think” in zombie-speak. … there is the case of in-vitro zombieism, where a friend of mine had a credit report issued before he was even born. … Zombies beget zombie software, sucking dry our humanity.

Charlotte, NC: ” Police step up presence for Bank of America’s annual meeting” by Deon Roberts:

Reinvestment Partners organized a “zombie” parade in the afternoon. Participants, dressed as zombies, filed past the bank’s headquarters and handed out fliers on “zombie” foreclosures – a term for when a borrower and the lender have walked away from a property, leaving it in limbo.

Bank of America did not immediately respond to a request for comment. On Tuesday, the bank said in a securities filing that it believes it has “substantially fulfilled” its obligations to help homeowners as part of last year’s national mortgage settlement.

The Atlantic: Matthew O’Brien writes “The Austerians Strike Back: Latvia Is the New Hope for Zombie Economics: Do not underestimate the power of bad ideas” :

Zombie ideas are much scarier than actual zombies. For one, zombie ideas are real. For another, nothing can kill them. Not even a bullet to the intellectual head … I’m getting zombie whiplash here…. But zombie ideas do not die, especially in the euro zone.


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