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Air Force “rot”

May 9, 2013

This is not a “zombie” story but “rot” seemed related enough to make a mention; The Guardian: “US air force strips 17 officers of power to launch nuclear missiles” by Dominic Rushe:

The US Air Force has stripped an unprecedented 17 officers of their authority to oversee nuclear missiles, after a string of failings that the group’s deputy commander said stemmed from “rot” within the ranks. … According to the email obtained by AP, Folds moved to discipline the crew after “such rot in the crew force” that a pattern of weapons safety rule violations, possible code compromises and other failings had arisen “all in the name of not inconveniencing yourselves”, Folds wrote.

Are these lazy zombies managing cold war era technology? Or were they falling asleep because there jobs are just no longer required? Speaking of the Air Force, recall “Nintendo Valor and F-35 Zombies“, and maybe, do we need people in the air force at all or one day can the Commander and Chief just operate the whole military from his personal computer?

“Yes Mr. President”
“drop a bomb on XYZ”
“You said “drop a bomb on chimpanzee” is that correct?”

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