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Chinese-made “genuine American-style” shooting game

May 7, 2013

Katie Nelson at Shanghaiist writes “Watch: Chinese trailer for ‘genuine American-style zombie shooting game’“. This headline epitomizes the irony of modern globalism (not the least because who knew there was a Shanghaiist?!) Ostensibly the article is about:

Chinese gaming company Tencent has released the trailer for War of Zombie, an ‘American-style’ shoot-’em-up horror game

but also,

The verdict is still out on what an ‘American-style zombie shooting game’ is,

Nelson links to an article in FrontPage Mag: “China Escapes the Zombie War” by Ben Shapiro writing about the Chinese censorship of “World War Z”:

The Securities and Exchange Commission is increasingly upset about Hollywood’s relationship with China.

Now all of this is Brad Pitt marketing but recall also the connection of China to zombies in the Ivy league (communism!) and consider the political implications of all the many products made in China to simulate American-style. What then is Chinese-style? And where is American-style manufactured? It is a big iterative dialectic of uncertain identity politics.

gamers can “play six different zombies and four zombie modes” and that the “exciting feeling of killing and simple operation will excite all fans of zombies!”

I wonder what the six types of zombies are. Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science (Güzeldere, 2006) only includes nine types of zombies. But of course, the more catatonic varieties wouldn’t be able to use guns.

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