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Zombie Industries Targets @NRA #NRAAM

May 5, 2013

Zombie Industries is at the NRA Annual Meeting Expo.

USAToday: “NRA expo features 9 acres of guns, bras and zombies” by Gregory Korte:

Zombie Industries sells $90 bleeding zombie targets. The human-scale targets can take thousands of rounds, and come in terrorist, Nazi, alien and zombie kangaroo varieties.

“The zombie is America’s folk monster,” said Roger Davis Jr., president of the San Diego-based company. “For myself as someone in his mid-30s — or even people in their 20s or 40s who grew up playing video games, it’s just a good time. A lot of the media don’t cover the fun-time aspect of the shooting sports industry.”

The best seller? “Probably the clown. People really seem to hate clowns.”

The company makes zombies of all different kinds of people, and Davis emphasizes that there’s no political message behind its products.

“The zombie virus doesn’t discriminate,” he said.

And at Houston Chronicle: “Assault rifles, zombie targets among the mix of attractions at NRA hall” by Shannon Tompkins:

The humorous: life-size mannequins of zombies “hand painted to accurately resemble an infected human that just finished gnawing your neighbor Zed’s leg” and offered as shooting targets.

Recall the Zombie Industries targets from ZombieLaw post “Are Zombies Politically Correct Targets?”

*** UPDATE: 5/6/2013:
Buzzfeed: “National Rifle Association Bans Bleeding “Obama” Target, Others Remain” by Benny Johnson :

“Someone from the NRA came by and asked us to remove it” a Zombie Industries booth worker told BuzzFeed in hushed tones. “They thought it looked too much like President Obama.”

MSNBC PoltiicsNation: “Obama the Zombie? Just a coincidence, says the company” by Morgan Whitaker:

While the company insists that any resemblance is “coincidental,” one of its employees told the Buzzfeed reporter, ”Let’s just say I gave my Republican father one for Christmas,” when asked whether or not the resemblance was intentional.


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