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Zombies and Labor – Happy May Day and Law Day

May 2, 2013

Today was May 1st and therefore it was May Day: some celebrate May Day as International Worker’s Day others celebrate as Law Day. Some might see these are opposites, but Zombies relish defying binomial categoryes so here at ZombieLaw we celebrate both. May the workers rise up and transgress the law with new and better law (?) Zombie love irony.

ZombieLaw has already related zombies to Nintendo‘s Super Mario and Mario is a wonderful image of a red laborer. With the influence of psychedelics, the plumber becomes a superhero. But Luigi may be the ultimate communist. He is doing it not for love, but only for his brother’s profit — and the coins, afterall, he’s green. And see also computers (to replace workers) who can solve Nintendo games with linear models

And ZombieLaw has explained that there are Competing views of Zombie Economics and neuroscience is involved.

Pacific Northwest Islander: “Look out for zombies” by Ted S. McGregor Jr., citing John Quiggin’s “zombie economics” “any discredited economic theory that keeps attacking humanity and just will not die.” and the Reinhart-Rogoff “Oops”, suggesting:

To kill a zombie, you have to know what’s reanimating it… America’s ready to jump into the fast lane again, but first we have to get that car full of zombies out of the way.

Which is kind of like saying the circus is back in town but if only the clown car could get out of the way – which is of course, how the circus begins, so relax, the Elephants are coming…

Bloomberg: “Detroit Three Zombie Slayers All Gained U.S. Market Share” by Craig Trudell:

George Magliano, senior principal economist for IHS Automotive, … who is based in New York, said by telephone. “The baby boomers used to walk in like zombies and buy the Toyota. They don’t do that anymore. They can buy a Korean car, they can buy a Volkswagen, and they certainly can buy a Detroit car.”

and also from a Bloomberg columnist via IOL: “Japan’s zombie economy shows danger of free cash” by William Pesek originally: “Japans’s Scary Lesson on Slashing Interest Rates“:

Even when Japan has churned out growth of, say, 3 percent, it has been more artificial than organic. All that liquidity was meant to support so-called zombie companies and industries that employ millions. It led to “zombification” of the broader economy…

And from A.J. at PopCap and via YouTube: “Zombie Temp Worker May Day Merriment:

It’s May Day, and what do Plants vs. Zombies zombies do on May Day? Well, dance around the May Pole of course! Watch now to see Disco Zombie, Zombie Yeti, Chinese New Year Zombie, and Conehead Zombie dance around — wait, is that Sunflower? It’s a May Day surprise, Plants vs. Zombies style.

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