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Zombie and Clown attack in Reading

May 2, 2013

Reading Eagle: “Man with zombie mask assaulted auto mechanic, police say” — before explaining the story, note the implicit racism in pairing this headline with the mugshot of Mr. Franklin E. Santana, a burly black man:
racist mugshot zombie
This is similar to remarks ZombieLaw made last year about Zombie Racism

Also pause to note that his name is sort of like Franky Satan and wonder how this could be real; modern mobster-monster attack or news designed to go viral?

A Reading man who was wearing a zombie mask and another man who was wearing a clown mask assaulted an auto repair mechanic in his Mount Penn shop, Central Berks Regional police said today… Police said the victim, whose name they withheld, recognized Santana from past business dealings after he ripped the zombie mask from Santana’s face while he fought with Santana and the other man. The other man remains unidentified.

So far, the clown has got away…

Finally, enjoy that this is all in Reading (Pennsylvania). Criticism is about the wonderful surreality of the real world created through various ways of ‘reading’ (and how we read). It is these bizarre associations that structure and frame our reality.

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