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DC: Synthetic Marijuana makes Zombies

May 2, 2013

Washington Post: “City: ‘Fake weed’ will turn you into a zombie” by Mike DeBonis

A new D.C. government education campaign is telling city youth that using “synthetic marijuana” products will turn them into zombies, “Night of the Living Dead”-style.

See the DC government website about the fake pot – K2 Zombie DC

“WHY IS FAKE WEED ASSOCIATED WITH ZOMBIES?” it asks. “Fake weed causes extreme anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, alienation/disassociation, psychotic episodes and hallucinations. This behavior has been labeled the ‘zombie’ effect.”

Remember “Zombie” is also the name of a K-9 who can detect marijuana. I wonder if the dog can tell the difference between organic pot and this synthetic stuff. And also, how does this compare to Bath Salts?

And note that K2 is not G2 (the investment group investing in zombie funds).

Compare the blends of synthetics in both drugs and the derivatives markets either way: ”No one wants to take a zombie to the prom”

  1. Pretty crazy that they are ruining the good name of Zombies by associating them with this poison. Funny campaign though. Hopefully, it will deter kids from smoking this garbage.

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