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Calculating Austerity

April 25, 2013

CNBC: “Austerity Zombies Fight Back” by John Carney doesn’t actually use “zombie” except in the headline but does write about the Reinhart-Rogoff zombie paper discredited by UMass researchers:

Intellectually, then, austerity should be dead. But like a character from the “Walking Dead,” brain death is apparently no obstacle to the march of austerity.

Carney goes on to quote austerity advocates Erskine Bowles and Lloyd Blankfein.

ZombieLaw has previously mentioned CNBC‘s Carney in regards to “Invisible Synthetic CDO Zombies” and “Fighting Distortions with a [Giant] Platinum Coin

Carney also wrote this week: “The Trading Robots Really Are Reading Twitter” about how computers are reading twitter and making investment trade decisions. Carney mentions The Terminator’s Skynet and the self-awareness of machines and this topic is of course directly to related to the zombification of humanity.

Machines only understand austerity. Calculation is inherently conservative. The need to spend more in times of financial crisis is a move that only a reckless human can make (Cf. Star Trek debates of Kirk vs. Spock). Computers are learning to do more human-like tasks and there will continue to be stumbling points as they perfect the system but for now, reckless humanity can still (sometimes) trump the machine.

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