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The Criminalization of Goofy

April 24, 2013

Recall previous ZombieLaw has explored the connection of “Goofy” to “Zombies”.

Slate: “Was This Accused Child Pornographer on the FBI’s Most Wanted List Because He’s Goofy Looking?” By Justin Peters:

Producing child pornography is a horrific crime, and if Toth is guilty, then he deserves all the punishment coming his way and more. But, as I wrote in November, it’s pretty clear that Toth wasn’t added to the Most Wanted List because he’s one of the world’s most heinous criminals. Rather, it’s because he’s goofy-looking.

Toth, who has an elongated head with a big nose and a very prominent mole under his eye, is certainly distinctive looking. In some pictures, he is gawking as if he just smelled something awful. In others, he sports a prodigious beard and looks like he knows where the bad smell is coming from. It’s the sort of face you’d remember, and perhaps notice if you saw it on some Nicaraguan street corner. (Also, weirdly, Toth seems to have briefly attended Cornell when I was there. I wish I could say I remembered him, or that his photograph looked familiar, but, really, there were a lot of odd-looking people at Cornell.)

First: Woohoo go Big Red!!! (disclaimer: I hated that place when I was there but look back on it with fond memories). And so what if we’re goofy!! It means we stand out. We are all fools on the hill.

But, child porn is gross. I think we all mostly agree with Peters that it’s horrific but still we need to make sure Toth gets a fair trial. Or are child pornographers to be considered enemy combatants now too? After all, Senator Graham thinks we can be at war with an ideology – so why not that ideology too. Kill all the zombie ideas!

Recall also the ZombieLaw case of Roderick Vosburgh who claimed anonymous hackers made it appear his computer had accessed child porn. With modern technology this seems like a really easy way to frame someone and everyone has goofy pictures on facebook now so then the FBI can use their alert system to find you anywhere in the world. The movie “The Net” was so ahead of time.

Well, ok so it’s probably not that easy to hack someone’s entire life and make it look like they are a child pornographer, (or a terrorist) – but still, it’s totally doable and not beyond the realm of reasonable conspiracy theory. So it would be good if the government at least acknowledged that possibility…? Nah, he looks goofy, get him…


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