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Playing with toy guns and terrorism culture

April 20, 2013

News from Madison Wisconsin Channel 3000: ‘Zombies’ game blamed for two UW campus gun reports:

Officers responded to two reports of guns on campus this week – Police blame a modern game of tag called “Humans Versus Zombies” for wasting public safety resources this week after two reports of gun calls tied to the competition.

The game pits a zombie team against a human team, which tries to “stun” the zombies with Nerf guns to avoid getting tagged. After police met with students about concerns with the guns, players chose to ban using them for the last leg of the game, which wrapped up Friday night.

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ZombieLaw has mentioned the game Humans vs Zombies before, particularly when NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg referred to it as a joke in the beginning of his graduation speech to UNC – did he know it would become relevant for the gun debates? I have never actually played the game but I think it is basically like a traditional tag game or like laser tag without lasers, usually with Nerf guns. The first time I saw NYU kids playing it in Union Square it was definitely a bit disturbing, and I thought it was funny but wondered if they would be arrested like the #Occupy types.

There was no irony in Sen. Rubio’s voice on last Sunday’s Meet the Press when he told David Gregory that we need to work on the violence problem in America and then in the very next answer talked about ongoing war efforts abroad. Our government is violent. Rubio is right when he says gun restrictions target only a symptom and not the root cause of violence in our society, but then he is wrong in failing to connect society’s violence with the violence of our government’s actions.

Perhaps this is not inconsistent because the claim to need guns to protect from overbearing government makes sense with their vision of government. Senator Graham’s tweet assertion that a US citizen lacks Constitutional protections simply because the crime relates to terror is insane logic. Graham is a lawyer well-versed in constitutional and criminal law. But it is no wonder he thinks guns are necessary to protect ourselves from the government, because he knows that if given the slightest motivation, his government is going to torture you.

What is your toy weapon of choice? Here are two toys well-suited for play zombie hunting:

At IndieGoGo: CARDBOARD RIFLE: Blast Paper Ammo Up To 75ft!

And for a pledge of $65+ get the “Zombie Slayer”:

You will receive Perk 2 and a Limited Edition Indiegogo only ‘ZOMBIE SLAYER’ blaster kit, 8 shells, 50 pieces of soft splat ammo, ZOMBIE head target, and a mould to continuously make ‘soft splat’ ammo from ordinary paper- never run out! ADD $10 FOR AN ADDITIONAL MAGAZINE AND 8 ADDITIONAL SHELLS. Rest of the world please add $12 for Shipping

Recall also there is a real assault weapon called “zombie slayer” too (from Doublestar Corp) – and note the use of “Slayer” in heavy metal and “Zombie Slayer” as a fictional DVD

See all ZombieLaw posts tagged “zombie slayer” .

Alternatively, perhaps you prefer crossbow style:

From GeekAlerts: “Mini Bow Marshmallow Shooter”

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