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Algorithms Playing Nintendo Games

April 14, 2013

Algorithms are able to do more and more amazing things. They can mimic basic human behavior and also reveal incredible hack-exploits to the system. But then again they also do some mindblowingly stupid things. This is something investment bankers have long known. The machines make mindblowing amounts of money in quick trades that exploit loopholes but then crash markets in the stupidest of most obvious ways.

Watch this video from Tom7 about his algorithm that plays nintendo games. ArsTechnica: “This AI “solves” Super Mario Bros. and other classic NES games” by Ian Steadman,

The modern world is increasingly controlled by algorithms, it is scary to think of all the obvious pitfalls and hacks that can be unveiled with fast machines and fancy forecasting algorithms. The zombie machines will control more and humans may not be able to explain why zombie Mario sometimes jumps into a hole

And as the community of local controls is replaced by global algorithms, I wonder if Tom7’s algorithm can play “Zombies Ate My Neighbors“.

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