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More Standardized Test Zombies

April 8, 2013

CharlotteObserver: “Foes of standardized tests plan to hold ‘Zombie rally’” by Ann Doss Helms:

a citizens’ group that objects to using standardized testing to rate teachers and schools, will hold a “No Testing Zombies” rally at the start of Tuesday’s [school board] meeting. Their slogan: “How is a standardized test like a zombie? They’re mindless, and they just keep coming.”

The group is called Mecklenburg ACTS – and the article also cites to

They came up with zombies, a trendy topic that lends itself to an extended metaphor for standardized tests.

“First they suck time and money from teaching and learning,” says the website. “Eventually they will eat students brains. But only if we let them.”

This is a protest against the State of North Carolina and the protesters think the school board may vote to support the cause:

The “zombies” see the school board as potential allies. Superintendent Heath Morrison has publicly criticized the N.C. testing program as excessive, and ACTS leader Carol Sawyer said the group hopes the board will pass a resolution urging state policymakers to back off.

Recall similar protest in Providence, RI and more recently, teacher resignation letter refusing to be a zombie to STEM testing. Recall also, Diane Ravith zombies – regardless of whether she plugs this zombie protest like she did Providence, the struggle for education and schools continues…


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