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Facebook Zombies

April 8, 2013

Two types of Facebook zombies – these are both zombies related to cell phones and social media. One a reference to zombie technology and then a reference to that technology making us zombies.

Last week at Motley Fool: “Like a Zombie, Facebook Phone Is Back From the Dead” by Tim Beyers – a zombie because it keeps coming back as a sort of zombie idea or myth.

And today at the Guardian: “Susan Greenfield and the rise of the Facebook zombies” posted by Pete Etchells and Chris Chambers about how social media might change our brain behavior:

It sounds terrifying. Baroness Susan Greenfield has proclaimed that “Facebook Home could change our brains”. Cue visions from Stephen King’s horror novel Cell, in which anyone using a phone instantaneously morphs into a ravenous zombie.

Recall other Facebook zombies.


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