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Zombie Lawyers

April 5, 2013

The lawyers at Law and the Multiverse have posted some follow-up questions from their zombie WonderCon panel – “WonderCon Follow-Up Questions” answering a question about zombies as pests (see Golf course zombie pests) and explaining that if all the lawyers were killed by zombies, we could still probably patch the court system back together:

as any third year law student will tell you, it really only takes two years (i.e. 8-10 classes) to get the basic idea.

See also April Fools blog post at Barbara Cashman, LLC: “Attack of the Zombie Lawyers!” by Barbara Cashman (a Denver elder law attorney):

I was also thinking of another variation of a “zombie lawyer” – I’m thinking of the DIY online document services and legal information available over the internet – both the free and the fee-based kind. Why – you might wonder – would I consider this a kind of “zombie lawyer?” Well, many folks who have legal questions or difficulties often have questions about the law, or how it applies to them – and they don’t know where to start. The internet is an amazing but often overwhelming source of information, and some of the information that is available is legal in nature.


the “zombie lawyer” or more accurately “zombie legal advice” you can cobble together from a variety of internet sources may be problematic in several ways:


When you contact a lawyer, you get the benefit of talking with an actual human, not a zombie that looks like a source of legal information or advice!

That seems a little oversimplified – just because you get a human lawyer doesn’t mean they know how to ask the right questions any better than you do — While both are somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I think both Cashman and the Multiverse guys seem to have a bit too much confidence in the law school education. That said, what makes a human lawyer better than a good internet search is that a human lawyer has practical experience in the courts. If the whole system is collapsed and we are starting from scratch, then maybe strong legal analysis skills would be enough. But in the real world, there is a real world, and it’s different from what they teach in school.

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