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Perez Hilton notices Zombie Politics

April 3, 2013

ZombieLaw has already reported on the story of Chinese censorship regarding “World War Z” – and see also Drezner: “Why Brad Pitt just depressed the hell out of me”” … But now, in the Perez Hilton version “Brad Pitt Says Zombies And Politics Didn’t Mix Well In World War Z!” begins:

It’s not often that you hear “zombies” and “politics” in the same sentence, …

Seriously?!?!?! What rock does Perez live under? With the Stepford-Zombie-Kardashians ? — Meanwhile, Zombies and politics have been in my everyday life for well over a year… welcome to the party, Perez.

Also, has it occurred to anyone that maybe “World War Z” is a sequel to “Thelma and Louise” (politics of cliff-diving)? == Having passed the sequester-Taxmagedon and driven over the fiscal cliff, we are now ready for battles with the zombies.

Note the recent Zombie Foreclosures. See Seattle Curbed: Foreclosure Horror Stories: “Bremerton Takes Step To Kill Zombie (Houses)” by Sean Keeley and Kitsap Sun “Pioneering ordinance takes aim at abandoned houses in Bremerton” by Josh Farley — But remember these are the zombie banks – those vampires of corporate greed that our government had to bail out– don’t let them convince you that the zombie houses are the problem, it’s the banks that won’t come to reasonable terms with the homeowners that are the problem.

This week’s Reuters media is all talking about the abandoned homes and potential for community blight, but what of all those zombies still fighting to keep their home, simply unable (or unwilling) to pay both their foreclosure lawyer and the landscaper in an unfinished zombie community that never fully built what building developers promised???— Don’t let Brad Pitt’s corporate face fool you, it’s still the big banks that are the undead – shifting responsibility for the financial crisis to the zombies still living in their depressed-value homes.

What has this nation become when we censor our movies for China and favor large banks over property owners, only noticing politics when a celebrity says it? Zombies!

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