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Chinese Censorship, IL Government, CyberSecurity, Bollywood

April 1, 2013

TheWrap: “Fearing Chinese Censors, Paramount Changes ‘World War Z’” by Lucas Shaw about changes to the plot of “World War Z” for Chinese censors:

the studio advised the movie producers to drop the reference to China and cite a different country as a possible source of the pandemic, an executive with knowledge of the film told TheWrap.


Franzoni tries to avoid running afoul of censors before production begins, in other cases studios don’t alter their movies until post-production. Chinese censors cut large chunks out of several movies released last year, including 40 minutes from “Cloud Atlas” and 12 minutes from “Men in Black 3,” excising all scenes in Chinatown.


“If you’re making a film about a zombie apocalypse, you’re not going to worry about the integrity of the filmmaker,” Rosen said. “You’re trying to make money.”

Just how much money is in the Zombie Meme? Recall “Zombies a 5 billion dollar business” (better breakdown linked in recent austerity article) and see new infographic from Mashable: “How Much Money Is the Zombie Meme Worth?” by Camille Bautista displaying artwork from

Even Bollywood makes zombie-comedies – “Go Goa Gone

This reminds me of some recent American zombie comedies (like “Balt Salts Zombies“) but this Bollywood version looks funnier — it may be because the subtitles accentuate this particular kind of zombie comedy and like the recent Cuban zomcom “Juan de los Muetos”, there is something about the foreigners that plays with post-colonial zombie metaphors – “globalization” is much more important cause of zombies than bath salts:

The entertainment industry expenditures on goofy zombies, dwarfs the amounts spent on CyberSecurity – See The Hindu Business Line: “Cyber security market may reach $870 mn by 2017: Report “:

Global market for cyber security solutions may grow to $870 million by 2017, says research firm International Data Corporation (IDC).


Networks of ‘zombiecomputers are flourishing across the world, and India is one of the most-infected countries.


in the late 1990s, networks of zombie machines were used to knock websites offline, making them unusable for customers – often preventing e-commerce.

Meanwhile at the Chicago Tribune: “Zombie government: That’s one agency down, but Illinois needs to kill thousands more of the living dead” about the Timberlake Estates Sanitary District and DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin:

The duplicative layers of bureaucracy that Cronin has targeted are best understood as parasites, sucking money from taxpayers and draining the economic lifeblood of Illinois. We’ve written before about Cronin’s important efforts to eliminate mosquito abatement districts, which are largely unnecessary. Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel also have committed to consolidating services and facilities, and otherwise squeezing redundancies out of their governments. Hey, Springfield, how about a little help?


Cronin and his staff first made inquiries to their state’s attorney’s office about what steps would be necessary to formally dissolve the zombie district and remove the potential taxing body from county bills.


The county paid $600 to publish a public notice in the newspaper about its kill-the-zombie proposal.


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