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Zombie Law School Debt Prisons

March 31, 2013

The Am Law Daily: “Government Data Reveal Freestanding Private Law Schools’ Growing Reliance on Grad PLUS Loans” by Matt Leichter reminding about

the ” zombie law schools” to which I referred several weeks ago.

But zombie status hasn’t prevented these schools from taking in billions of dollars from their students.

zombie leichter am daily

ZombieLaw mentioned Leichter’s earlier article last month and this new article has even more graphs showing that lots of people are taking debt to pay for second rate law schools and about how these so-called educational institutions are financed on their students (wet)backs.

Meanwhile at Project Syndicate “America’s Zombie Prison” by Naomi Wolf but zombie is only in the headline — it’s about funds to expand Guantanamo Bay prison so it’s about war, terrorism, torture, and Wolf’s opening line of the article is totally Hegelian social constructivist:

Why add to something that is not supposed to exist?

Is law school like indefinite detention? Only at the good schools.

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