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Real Monsters criminally responsible

March 30, 2013

TruTV: “13 People Who May Be Zombies, Werewolves and Vampires” is a photo series of pictures of criminals who either called themselves by a monster name or through their behavior acted like these flesh eating assailants.

They start with Rudy Eugene (the Miami bath salts zombie from Memorial Day weekend 2012) – also another defendant previously mentioned at ZombieLaw, Charles Baker — amongst others including some more historic legend characters – and if you keep scrolling it will go to the next photo set and explain old anti-ginger myths about redheads being unclean or becoming vampires and witches.

That’s TruTV, formerly Court TV, tagline: “Not Reality. Actuality.”

Meanwhile MSNnow is promoting yesterday’s WonderCon panel – MSN: “Lawyer says a zombie couldn’t be prosecuted for eating your brain” – reporting on and linked to a promo interview the lawyers from Law and the Multiverse did with Huffington Post: “Zombies May Not Be Legally Responsible For Eating Bra-a-a-ains” by David Moye — I hope the panel went well and look forward to what these guys do next.


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