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March 29, 2013

Park City, Utah: “I heard the news today oh boy” by Teri Orr, Park Record columnist:

They didn’t want to be burdened with local politics. All politics are local, I wanted to scream. And who are these Stepford/Zombie/Kardashians? Caring about what they have rather than what they give?

Being an “informed citizen” is important – and so:

Cue up the music of the Jefferson Airplane and let Grace Slick scream from White Rabbit, “feed … your … head!”

I understand that following the news has consequences. Drinking from the fire hydrant of available news sources can have you feeling there are so many places that need your help, voice, attention. How could you possibly be effective?

Consider also “Future Shock” – but concluding:

Being an informed citizen is the trade-off for the benefits of being a citizen. Share this with someone who could use a little nudge to add real news to their diet. They can consume it whenever they have/make time, even this very Sunday in the Park …

This reminds me of the uncertainty of zombie facts and zombie lies and also of Zombie Sunday in the Park with George Romero.

zombies in the park with george romero

Also the title of this opinion column “I heard the news today oh boy” is a reference to The Beatles “A Day in the Life”, and also popularly referenced by David Bowie “Young Americans”.

and in the continuing struggle to ‘wake up get out of bed and drag a comb across your head‘: Consider this week in the NYTimes: “Social Anxiety: A Day in the Life” by Adane Byron


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