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Fear of Creative Teachers

March 28, 2013

ZombieLaw previously reported the story of the zombie class in an Oregon school cancelled by the superintendent’s response to parent concerns.

Well it reached National at Cnet: “Zombie survival class whacked from Oregon middle school” by Amanda Kooser –
And now – “‘Zombie survival’ class for teens slashed by school district” by Dana Macario

Rich Harshberger at Armand Larive Middle School tried to be creative and instead his school is getting fame for all the wrong reasons.

Meanwhile, nationally, consider also the the IRS spending $60,000 to create this Star Trek theme training video.

Consider that an episode of Walking Dead costs 2.8 million (recall from Bartiromo’s interview) — so is 60,000 for a cheap 5 minute video a lot? I don’t know. It seems a lot but 60,000 isn’t even a rounding error on the national debt. Not saying it was right, but if it had been a useful ed video for the IRS staff for years then 60,000 seems cheap. It probably was too cheap (with too much on renting sets and not enough on scripting curriculum) – But sometimes production designs gets ahead of itself — also it makes news, and is a free advertisement that tax day is coming (as if you could forget) — and Star Trek is in – who’s to say the value of a laughter (a zombie cure) during training.

Our society loves to reprimand teachers who go out on a creative limb. Thus we systematically build a system of drones who won’t step outside the lines (recall Duncan Kennedy’s “Reproduction of Hierarchy”. We bemoan teaching to the test but want to measure teachers by student test scores. We reprimand creative thinking at every opportunity and wonder why we are creating so many zombies.

Consider other zombie middle schools.


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