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Zombie Romance Police Blotter

March 27, 2013

connectstatesboro: “Connect Crime: Zombie romance” by Holli Bragg is an adorable crime blotter, leading off with theft of:

a wedding ring with the inscription “When we’re zombies”

It goes on to connect four other black magic finger crimes in a narrativized police blotter. It can be fun to read the local blot even without any grand narrative design but Bragg definitely made this fun.

Lyortard marked “The Postmodern Condition ” as

the end of ‘grand narratives’ or metanarratives, which Lyotard considers a quintessential feature of modernity.

The ‘metanarrative’ wiki continues:

Lyotard proposed that metanarratives should give way to petits récits, or more modest and “localized” narratives, which can ‘throw off’ the grand narrative by bringing into focus the singular event

Bragg’s is an absurdist narrative of “zombie” ring “black magic” “finger” crimes, then a women kicking her crack addict husband out and then and a question if we are “kids or adults here?”

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