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More Christian Zombie themes (Easter approaching)

March 27, 2013

Chron: “Zombies in church this Easter? Katy church says, “Yes!”” by Ken Chitwood

About “a culturally-savvy community church in Katy”, Texas:

Over the last several weeks, CrossPoint Community Church has observed Lent, a season when Christians mark the passion of Jesus, with a series combining the zombie fiction genre with biblical teaching on death and the resurrection.

Not without controversy:

Some asked, “Zombies in church, really?”

The article quotes Frank Hart, Worship Arts and Creative Director at CrossPoint:

“The church needs to stand up and be willing to speak to all of the darkness and ugliness in the world and shine the light of Christ into all of the shadowy places,” said Hart in response to critics, “I believe that cultural fascinations need to be brought under the lens of God’s Word to be truly understood and redeemed.”

and with video:

and more video on the CrossPoint Community Church Zombie series site:

Recall Easter is also known as Zombie Jesus Day but he’s not really a zombie, rather, he’s a lich.

And recall recent post interpreting Walking Dead as similar to Christian Middle Ages memento mori style art.

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