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“Walking Dead” as Christian Death Art

March 25, 2013

Great article at The AV Club “The Walking Dead succeeds by making death a character” by Todd VanDerWerff, explaining both the weaknesses of AMC’s “Walking Dead” and why he loves it, in terms of Christian art and reminders of death in daily life:

Judging from season three, it seems this show has only one story to tell: Zombies show up, and maybe some people die. Rinse and repeat dozens of times. Yet I love The Walking Dead in spite of myself.

Likening it to a Middle Ages style of Christian art called “memento mori“:

a reminder in a work of art that its viewer would someday die. The hope was to play up the ultimate emptiness of vanity, of living one’s life to gain things rather than working toward the betterment of the everlasting soul.

Mentions also: “L.A. Law”, “The Wire”, “Lost”, “Deadwood”, and “Six Feet Under”.

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