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CNBC Bartiromo interviews Kirkman on economics

March 22, 2013

Maria Bartiromo of CNBC Closing Bell interviewed Robert Kirkman of “Walking Dead” (recall Kirkman was recently on Conan).

See CNBC: “‘Walking Dead’: Zombies Thrive on Weak Economy” By: Michelle Chalen has full video from the television segment.

zombie maria bartiromo

Bartiromo eventually questions about the show itself but first she starts with questions about the connection of zombies to the economy:

explain how the mood of the nation, in light of economically and financial crisis woes played into the success

Kirkman alludes to the Cold War and that zombies represent an escapism to “simpler” times where there is only one main problem (the zombies) – Bartiromo presses the economic angle:

so, this is really funny, did you actually see evidence that the economy being in a downturn truly sort of helped with the popularity of the show, how do you explain that?

She kidding’s kidding right? I mean if she were interviewing Professor Lauro, then I could understand pressing for that evidence but it seems odd to lead Kirkman with that. Then she’s surprised that an episode of television costs millions – it’s the emergence of cable networks.

AMC stock is up but this interview may be proof that the “hokie” “saturation point” is near for zombies, but not for Big Cable with expensive television streamed on demand.

Kirkman is willing to speculate that “Walking Dead” is the reason AMC stock is up but I suspect it has more to do with other expected winnings in the Cable Wars – if your cable provider doesn’t want the expensive package of all of AMC’s channels? then no walking dead for you, and if you can get it Netflix, maybe you will… zombies (because of it’s connection to AMC-Cablevision) is metaphor for the new media challenging old traditional distribution.

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