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Zombie Super PACs

March 21, 2013

Roll Call: “FEC Terminates ‘Zombie’ Super PACs” by Eliza Newlin Carney:

The Federal Election Commission has pulled the plug on 300 “zombie” super PACs that had registered with the commission but then failed to raise or spend any money.

The terminated PACs were run by a handful of unknown organizers who, for reasons of their own, had each set up dozens of super PACs with obscure names and missions. FEC records list numerous PACs with humorous or unusual names, from “Zombies of Tomorrow,” to the recently-registered “PAC Designed to Confuse the Public.”

Not sure if that’s the same “Zombies of Tomorrow” Facebook page but if so it seems defunct. Carney’s article also implicates Stephen Colbert‘s superPAC implying that others followed his trend but that the problems of political finance shell games continue (gobble the coins and hide from the ghosts).

zombie super pacman pacs man


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