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Zombie Terrorist Girls Politics

March 20, 2013

BarelyPolitical and Mashable and Nerdist and whomever did this great new media and it’s zombies walkers from “Walking Dead” mashed with Showtime’s “Homeland ” —

Mashable: ‘Homeland,’ ‘Walking Dead’ Mashup Makes Zombies the Real Terrorists and from Barely Political YouTube:

You don’t have to nerd out about everything – yesIdo! hashtags!!!

So of course here’s some links to ZombieLaw terrorism zombies and Homeland – And then there’s zombie Ozombie – the movie – and Seal Team Six with it’s cyborg soldiers – and is also consider that this is perhaps a racial slur against Muslims or outsider classes more generally – remember Zombies Muhummed? Atheist costumed protester, Ernest Perce, then calling for the resignation of the Judge he says invoked Sharia law — recall more recent costume protesters, Chris Irwin, Zombie Pirate Santa BenFranklin

Except most terrorists are not Muslim and most Muslims are not terrorists — see graphic from “All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 94% that Aren’t” Posted on 20 January 2010 by Danios

It can be dangerous to analogize world political issues to Sunday night television. See Dan Drezner (of international zombie policy fame) used the HBO sitcom “Girls” to explain European foreign policy relations in “The Geopolitics of Girls“. Drezner begins:

This is the Golden Age for television shows that offer commentary, directly or allegorically, on world politics.

For Drezner, Hannah is the US, Jessa is France, Shoshanna is Canada, and Marnie is Germany. Charlie is the rest of the E.U., Ray is Russia, and Adam is China.

girls geopolitics

But now the new show on Sundays (because everything old is new again) is The Bible on the History Chanels – see “God and zombies fight for prime-time domination” By Jill Pertler – same article as titled: “On Faith: God versus zombies“:

in a strange and crazy world. … irony shoots right over the top.

Zombies were to the Neilson ratings what marshmallows are to s’mores – gooey blobs that had people coming back for seconds

They were the Chia pets of the new millennium — trendy and not very cute, but cropping up everywhere.

Nothing short of an axe to the head would stop these man-eating monsters.

Then, along came God.

And already the word on the media street is that Satan is to be Obama – to which the producers deny -CBS: “The Bible” producers dismiss Obama-Satan connection

So with this as yet another example, Drezner is of course correct that this the Golden age for opining about television analogies to politics – but is this crossing of metaphors any less dangerous with Girls than it is with Zombies, or the Bible?! Recall Drezner’s TedX is about zombie memes as potentially dangerous leading to possible “apocalyptic thinking”. Mightn’t “Girls” lead to dangerous metaphors too? And so the Holy Bible??

And when we mash up these stories and make monster mashes of the new stories? How can we decide which conceptual blends are to be considered dangerous memes? Drezner’s answer is for more diversity of narratives and to let them all play together and enjoy the satirical transformations of juxtaposition.

But is there some way we can measure the varying effectiveness of these narratives? Ways to know which narratives are most appropriate for when? What is to be the measure for comparative epistemology? (on the 10 year anniversary of the war in Iraq, we can ask how we can know if the tremendous cost was worth it – what can we measure against>?!)

Pertler concludes:

We can watch zombies or the Bible. Or, we could be totally unconventional and read a book.

Better yet, Shakespeare– a classic masher of even older myths and Elizabethan politics – “Zombies Meet Shakespeare in New Play” by Scott Doane:

new play put on by the Renegade Theater Company. It is called “Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead” and it opens Thursday at 8 p.m. at Teatro Zuccone.

The use of drama to understand our world is not new. Ancient Greeks mashed stories for political purposes. What makes this the “Golden Age” is that also not that television is new. What is new is the synergistic combination of TV shows and blogging – this emergent combined medium is still very new. And the medium is (at least part of) the message. And now the “terrorists” (defined as those who would infect us with their viral narratives – which is to say maybe everyone because we don’t know how to assess which stories are dangerous) are everywhere!

Remember, YouMightBeATerrorst if you prepare for zombies – or poke around public servers or research cables networks – what might you be if you prep for season 3 of “Girls”? Slackoisie?

Note also a similarity of themes and audiences of HBO’s “Girls” with MTV’s “My So Called Life”and therefore to “Homeland” . Maybe Hannah should have a dream episode where she joins the military and then the CIA and Jessa is a terrorist and Shoshanna accidentally helps her and Ray saves the day by totally screwing over Adam but then Adam gets revenge and kills them all at a CIA funeral, but in his dying breath FaceTime’s Horatio to settle things with Fortinbras. — And why are all the strong female characters on television also OCD or otherwise crazy or incapable. a whole nation with Ophelia syndrome?

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