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Downton Zombey

March 20, 2013

This is not really that funny but I am reposting it because the particular conceptual blend is highly relevant for this blog and the art is good and well ok it’s funny. It’s again, zombies mixing with sunday night tv and again with Downton, as previously mentioned, the pre/post World War One era is on point with the birth of modernity and technological age; rapidly changing technology and social roles – (feminism and cyborgs—> zombies!) .

Found via GeekoSystem: “Downton Abbey Made Watchable With Zombie Infusion” by Jeff LaSala who found it in ToplessRobot: “Downton Abbey Needs More Zombies, Gets Them” by Luke Y. Thompson, but of course, it came from Nerdist: “Welcome To Downton Zombey” by Perry Michael Simon – writer Rob Kutner is also a writer on Conan

Note also in Sunday night television will soon be the return of those black creatures from the North as winter ends here in the real world but is winter still coming in “Game of Thrones”? I haven’t read those books and don’t know what will happen in terms of the zombies but they are surely still there, looming over in the background. In, Downton actually sort of there are zombies too all throughout – there was the severely burned heir who returned from presumed death only to disappear in presumed fraud – and then Matthew was thought dead in the war, then believed disabled, then alive and in love with a corpse, then her dead father’s money, then his tragic accident – not to mention the poor dear third daughter who’s baby lives on with her name, and the grandma who just won’t die. Not to mention the miscarriage caused by the misplaced soap and marriage on William’s dying breath. So the conceptual blend is perhaps too ripe for this Downton parody to be particularly funny – it’s perfectly on point which makes it just sort of bizarre and cute and repost worthy.

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