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Channel4 Zombies = austerity

March 20, 2013

Channel4: “Zombie nation? Why zombies rise in times of austerity” – no byline – and no mention of Professor Lauro despite the obvious similarities in this article to the Med Kinnard (AP) stories from last week.

Instead Ch4 quotes Professor Arnold T. Blumberg, author of ZombieMania, writer-critic Natalie Haynes, and Dr. Marcus Leaning from the University of Winchester.


The brain-dead, flesh-eating monsters that are just like us manage to symbolise the oppressor in society, whether that is capitalism, a fatal biological virus or an actual apocalypse. But they also allow us to identify with the masses, for good or for bad, making them the ideal monster to help deal with these austerity-ridden times.,

Also mentions connections to #Occupy but reminds that zombies are a 5.74 billion dollar corporate entertainment industry citing to “America’s $5 billion zombie industry: By the numbers” which is a good link the same estimate reported previously on ZombieLaw.


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