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Western Pennsylvania, Zombie Capital of the World

March 15, 2013

Zombies always ruled here” by Scott Tady in TimesOnline:

The nation’s appetite for zombies has never been more insatiable. In Pittsburgh that might prompt a question: Hey, what took the rest of you so long?

Zombie diehards viewed Pittsburgh as the horror genre’s epicenter many years before the undead drama “The Walking Dead” … Western Pennsylvanians had claimed the title of Zombie Capital of the World.

See also Meg O’Malley’s “Pittsburgh Zombies” at Popular Pittsburgh:

Local Pittsburghers are very proud of the city’s zombie history.


Other cities may boast that they’re big in the zombie world, but none will hold as much relevance or carry as much pride as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is where horror film legends like Romero and Savini began to define themselves in the industry by creating the most influential zombie movies in horror history. The city hasn’t just developed the dream of reanimation, but implemented it as reality through scientific advancements. The people of Pittsburgh join together regularly to celebrate this part of Pittsburgh that is truly unique. It is entirely possible that Pittsburgh is the Zombie Capital of the World.

And see a Zombie-Mom-Undead-Tips-and-Recipes post from 2011: “Pennsylvania: Not Just The Zombie Capital Anymore….“, explaining:

we all know that Pittsburgh is the official zombie capital of the world! Mostly credited to the fact the George Romero used Western Pa as a back-drop for the infamous 1968 classic “Night of the Living Dead”


In 2008, World Zombie Day was created and coordinated by the “It’s Alive Show” in Pittsburgh, PA. With calls for Zombie Walks all across the globe, close to 32 cities worldwide reported over 7,500 zombies as participating in World Zombie Day on October 26th.

This kind of multi-city flash mob structure is important for understanding the proto-development of 2011’s Occupy Wall Street movement.

More ZombieLaw posts tagged Pennsylvania – Consider also competition from Buffalo, NY and Hamilton, Ontario and Miami, Detroit, Stockton, San Bernardino, Oakland — but I think in a lot of ways, the leading contender is almost certainly Florida.

  1. LOL There is far more to it the just The Walking Dead… Get your facts straight hahaha!

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