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Tweets materialize as zombies to shoot

March 14, 2013

Very cool idea reported by Mike Fahey at Kotaku: “Twitter Trends Turn Deadly In This Insane Experimental Shooter”


Created by Hamsteria! creator Sean McCracken (with game design support by his five-year-old son, Geoffrey), TweetsOfTheDead is a simple zombie shooter for iOS and Android that spawns enemies based on tweets from the Twitter main timeline.

For instance, say you play a game based on the tag #Zombies. The game scans for tweets containing the tag and spawns zombies for each one. Zombies spawned have the tweets that spawned them hanging over their heads,

Honestly, I have no interest in this game but I love the idea of having twitter feeds materialize into something and the zombie metaphor is apt (and it reminds me of how I shoot off blog posts as new zombie stories pop up).

Meanwhile in other tweets from the dead see CBCnews “Program lets Twitter users tweet after death “:

LivesOn, being developed by British ad agency Lean Mean Fighting Machine, will set up a second Twitter account that will add “–LIVESON” to the user’s current handle and study tweets, favourites, retweets, and even writing style in order to eventually begin replication.

And then those LivesOn tweet could feed into TweetsOfTheDead and you can shoot at real dead tweeters… hmm ok bed time.

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