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Zombies in today’s news

March 11, 2013

RT: Extradition zombie by Annie Machon is ostensibly about the persecution of internet bad boy Kim DotCom but the lead picture is from a simulated restaging of his arrest.

For me this epitomizes the idea of zombie facts. As far as I know this is a real image, the models behind him highlight that point. But at the same time the simulation is paired with what is supposed to be a real news story. This is about credibility. But it’s also about simulation and representation. And it’s about copyright and digital rights. — And extradition to the U.S. empire:

the issue keeps resurrecting itself like some Kafkaesque zombie nightmare.

Sometimes viral press gets out of hand. See “Zombie Run turns into nightmare for participants ” by Todd Unger reporting on a zombie event that marketed too well – over 5000 zombies showed up and organizers were not prepared. Not everyone is credible to prep for the zombies.

And like any business, as Business Insider reports “Startup CEO: It’s Time For Me To Admit That My Startup Is A Zombie” by Megan Rose Dickey:

No entrepreneur ever wants to admit failure. But there is a worse fate: running a startup that’s become a zombie.

Dickey includes a list by Danielle Morrill to determine if your business is a zombie”

You don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.
You haven’t hit 10% week-over-week growth on any meaningful metric (revenue, active users, etc).
You’re working on the same idea after 12+ months and still haven’t launched.
You’ve hired consultants to figure out revenue, culture, or product in a company of less than 10 people.
You’ve launched a consumer service and have less than 2% week-over-week growth in signups

Sounds like U.S. Congress.


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