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Krugman “Stephanopoulized” Zombies

March 10, 2013

NYTimes Paul Krugman blogged this morning after appearing on This Week w/ George Stephanopoulos: “Attack of the Trust Fund Zombie“:

conservative Republicans don’t seem able to make their case without resorting, right from the beginning, to obviously dumb fallacies.

I didn’t watch Stephanopoulos this moning but ABC’s Nicki Rossol has some relevant transcript in “Sen. Ron Johnson: Might ‘Look at’ Revenue With Entitlement Reform“:

KRUGMAN: Just a question, you say let’s start with the facts, but there — we’ve just — we’ve just run aground right there, we cannot agree on…

JOHNSON: You’ve made my point — you’ve made my point, we have to agree on the facts.

KRUGMAN: But your facts are false.

JOHNSON: No they are not. They are not false.

KRUGMAN: The Social Security thing, Social Security is — there — it has a dedicated revenue base. It has a trust fund based on that dedicated revenue base. You can’t change the rules midstream and say, oh suddenly…

JOHNSON: See here’s — here’s the problem, here’s the problem with the trust fund, the federal government owns U.S. Treasury bonds, it’s the same thing as if you have $20.00, you spend it. And by the way, that money is spent, it’s gone. You write yourself a note for $20.00, stick it in your pocket and say, I got 20-bucks.

In his blog, Krugman links back to his piece from last summer “Zombies have already killed the deficit commission” – which is helpful because ZombieLaw actually seems to have missed this particular Krugman Zombie article — See other ZombieLaw Krugman posts-

zombie paul krugman

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