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Zombie Lawyer Protested Power w Pirate Santa BenFranklin

March 6, 2013

From The Knoxville News Sentinel : “Hearing set in ‘Zombie’ suit against TVA: Protesters challenge TVA costume policy” by Ed Marcum (also available at Standard-Examiner Distributed by the Scripps Howard News Service:

It’s been more than a year since it was filed, no hearings have taken place, but the “zombie” lawsuit against the Tennessee Valley Authority is not dead.

But of course, it’s not that year of time that makes this a “zombie” lawsuit (a year is nothing to a Federal Court) – nor is it that this specific power plant debate is quite old (since 1988), but what makes this case “zombie” is the specifics of the more recent protest:

At the board meeting, Irwin wore a suit and had “zombie’ makeup on his face, Draper dressed as Santa Claus, Homer dressed as Benjamin Franklin and Rogers as a pirate. The others were not in costume.

According to the lawsuit, Jones spoke to the board, making a joke about zombies outside and then made a low moaning noise. He was immediately told to leave. The lawsuit says Swinford then changed her planned speech because she did not know if Jones had been arrested. This amounted to a suppression of her free speech rights, the plaintiffs claim.


The case was initially assigned to Judge Thomas W. Phillips but reassigned when Phillips announced he would retire in July.\


the case is shuffling toward its first hearing. On March 12, U.S. District Judge Tena Campbell will hear a TVA motion to dismiss the case that six protesters filed against TVA for ejecting them from a TVA board meeting for wearing zombie costumes.

This same story with much the same language was reported in January 2012 by FoxNews via AP: “Protesters sue TVA over costume ban at meetings” but now there is news of the hearing date. Let’s hope they don’t settle and this goes to decision. We can pray for pictures in the opinion appendix and at the very least having Santa, Zombies, Pirates and Ben Franklin connect in a court opinion is just dumb cheesey awesome.

Recall also that Zombies are a now common form of protest – including against other nuclear powerplants


And one of these guys names is Homer. !?!@ shit you not. The zombie ringleader, Irwin, is a lawyer, and he must be getting a huge big ass kick out of this, as I am. He should be severely benchslapped by Judge Campbell – except that’s probably exactly what he wants.!@!@ So I don’t know what I suggest the clerks do if there needs to be an opinion. It’ll be a fun case to write about, but entertaining lawyers isn’t what the justice system is for. ??? I wonder what my friends at Above the Law or ABAJournal or LoweringTheBar or think about Chris Irwin the Zombie Cosplay Lawyer Protester and his band of power protesters, Homer, Pirate Santa Claus Ben Franklins@!? (have they already written about this lawyer? I don’t see it but I do miss things).

So let’s talk about the Bellefonte Nuclear Plant in northern Alabama “on schedule to finish in December 2015” – two AP1000 loop pressurized water reactor sold by Westinghouse Electric Company.


and then pause to remember the “Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster
and some economics:

And supposedly “Benjamin K. Sovacool said that even on optimistic assumptions of fuel availability, global reserves of uranium will only support a 2% growth in nuclear power and will only be available for 70 years” – but is that true fact? I have no idea, I shouldn’t be quoting Wikipedia.

Who to trust? I think the Zombie Pirate Santa Benji team may be the most trustworthy of the lot.

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