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FEMA Zombie UFO Invasion Censorship Idaho

March 6, 2013

FEMA planning a Halo Industries style zombie prep event in Idaho ?

Moscow-Pullman: “No country for space zombies” By Brandon Macz quoted in Boise Weekly::”Latah County First Responders Prepare for ‘Zombie Invasion’” by George Prentice:

some national conspiracy theorists have deemed the drill “offensive and confusing,”

Conspiracy theorists ? as in a Senator of the United States?!?!? – See Sen. Coburn’s report on Homeland Security Waste

At InfoWars: “FEMA Censors Information About Bizarre ‘Zombie UFO Crash’ Exercise” by Paul Joseph Watson:

Information pertaining to a bizarre FEMA exercise based around a fictional “zombie UFO crash” in Idaho has been censored after criticism that the drill was a waste of money.

Opposing Views: “FEMA Planning ‘Zombie UFO Crash’ Disaster Exercise” by Michael Allen:

Zombie UFO Crash Disaster full-scale exercise drill planned for April 27th, 2013, from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

According to his website, the exercise was planned in Moscow, Idaho involving 100 participants. However, after VanDerBeek posted his article about the bizarre exercise, he claims that FEMA pulled the page down and replaced it with a statement that the information is now “only available to coalition members.”

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