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Zombie Government Cheese Metaphor Blending

March 5, 2013

Matt Barber at TownHall writes “Killing the Obamacare Zombie: Hope Lives!” (also at RenewAmerica)- arguing that Liberty University v. Geithner (a case in which SCOTUS has ordered the Fourth Circuit to rehear arguments) is Justice Roberts plan to quash Obamacare. Barber argues for a new hope against the “zombies eat[ing] brains” of:

grey matter served-up by Obama, Reid, Pelosi and every other cracked skull who voted to open the curtain on this unconstitutional Obamacare freak show.

The Liberty University ObamaCare case is about abortion and religion and about tax powers and employer mandates. And despite the Catholic Church embroiled in public hypocrisy, people still have very strong feelings about abortion and the right to life for an unborn part of a woman’s body. Of course it is not surprising to find that Mr. Barber is also opposed to Women in Combat. These are issues of feminism, of the right of women to their own bodies – the rights of us all to our own bodies.

Meanwhile Bill Bonner writes “Nothing Beats Government When it Comes to Zombies” (or “A Close Encounter With Zombiedom“) noting that “many people are zombies” but that government does it best:

our definition of a zombie: someone who takes but doesn’t give? A zombie is a parasite who lives on someone else’s hard work.

There are many versions but government cheese is the best zombie cheese there is:

They were called Zombies, concoctions made of bread and cheese that were not available anywhere else.

That hasn’t stop enterprising entrepreneurs from trying to replicate the formula – see Mike Vizcarra and his friend Carrie at the Concord Farmers Market

An irony of this food product is the nostalgia for free government food. This zombie story has legs because like First Lady Michelle Obama: support school lunch!

Speaking of Government Cheese – “OMG, it’s the sequestration zombie!” by John Burr, editor of Jacksonville Business Journal:

The simple truth is people are tuning out on the monthly panic attacks from our nation’s capital. Wall Street has figured this all out. The Dow Jones average is close to setting an all time high just as our elected officials are setting all-time lows

And where are our reporters? The media is failing to do anything more than mouthpiece official positions – parroted by a blogging community (like me): — see Washington Times Communities: “Bob Woodward and Washington’s Zombie Journalism corps” by Peter Bella:

There is something rotten in Washington. It is the media. The rot of the journalist turned Obama Zombie is emanating from the head down.

and also from Washington Time Communities: “Washington’s walking dead: From sequester to debt ceiling” by Jim Picht:

The problem with zombies is that they beget zombies. … Zombie politics is creating a zombie economy.

Quoting Gene Sperling, President Obama’s top economic advisor, said on Sunday’s “Meet the Press”:

“It is a slow grind.”

Elsewhere in Washington, this week’s Midnight Madness weekend midnight movie at Landmark E-Street Cinema will be the restored version of “White Zombie” the 1932 classic B-movie cheese starring Bela Lugosi’s eyes.

E-Street Cinema’s Midnight Madness is on a (cheesey) roll – last week they screened Bubba Ho-Tep , starring the man with the chin, Bruce Campbell of “Army of Darkness” zombie killing fame. Bubba Ho-Tep is a great Washington movie because Elvis teams up with JFK to kill a mummy in a nursing home.

Finally, in the ultimate of government cheese, President Obama made mixed-up sci-fi metaphor saying he couldn’t stop the sequester with “Jedi mind meld”. Critics were quick to call it a gaffe. Others have justified it with facts from the Star Wars extended universe – “Sorry Nerds, But Obama Was Right About The Jedi Meld (And Metaphysics)” by Chris Peterson. Maybe it was a gaffe or maybe it as one commenter says it was “meta-metaphor” about the ridiculous fighting of fans of Star Trek vs. Star Wars – a timely conceptual blend given J.J. Abrams new association to both franchises – and a dig on Washington partisans.

This is the same White House that recently responded to the petition for building a Death Star. Was this really a mistake or was it an intentional mistake to attract attention. This is the art of the gaffe at it’s finest. And the twitterverse lit up with very funny conceptual blends of all sorts of sci-fi blending hashtagged #ObamaSciFiQuotes — a sci-fi conventioners dream (unless your a purist).

Some conceptual blends are uncomfortable – even nauseating for some people – recall Cory Booker’s nausea at Obama campaign attack ads on private equity. But mixing metaphors is what humans do. President Obama is a calculating politician, maybe he gaffed or maybe the point of this meta-metaphor was to stop arguing about the small stuff and agree on a “balanced approach”.

Obama may have lost some geek cred – but that’s exactly the point: stop with the geeky fanboy arguments and let’s agree that cheesey bread is good, we want cheesy bread and we want the government to give it to us. Obama is a nerd, but he’s a constitutional scholar nerd (which is why he and Justice Roberts seem to get along).

Blending Star Trek and Star Wars is dumb but as Obama also said this repetition of political “apocalypse” is really “just dumb”.

And speaking of dumb, the Romney’s stepped out of the shadows – Ann quotes “Princess Bride” and says she’s “mostly dead” and Mitt says having lost “kills” him – See NewYorker: “Ann and Mitt Romney’s Lost Fairy Tale” by Amy Davidson writing about the exclusive interview by Chris Wallace in which Romney thinks his major fault was failure to connect with low income and minority populations because of the “attractiveness” of ObamaCare.

Recall from the same ZombieLaw post about Cory Booker’s nausea also “Is Mitt Romney Bela Lugosi?”— because the problem of conceptual metaphors is that our friends can suddenly appear evil. The murky area between existentialism and Marxism questions whether private property and social justice can coexist.

Trekkies and Trekkers and Jedi and Communists – we are all just people in different costumes trying to enjoy a crowded convention. There can be enough cheesey bread for everyone but not if the first people take it all and not if there is a panic and everyone tramples each other. And certainly not when gangs shoot each other for wearing the wrong color in the wrong neighborhood.

The campaign is over, The Flies are swarming for the next absurd political circus. Government shutdown 1995-redeux.

Obama doesn’t want to be a Jedi or a Vulcan (no alien immigration birther jokes), he’s Mr. Cool – giving out free cheese and daring Congress to shut it down. It’s a game of political chicken and arguing about star wars only makes you the loser who knows about star trek. This isn’t fantasy football, this is the real thing. There are many rebel alliances trying to kill ObamaCare and others still trying to kill Civil Rights. The Empire existed before Palpatine and unless we consult the extended universe there is no way to yet know how it is repaired after his death. Which is to say it’s really hard to tell which side is the dark side now because these issues aren’t black and white. Like zombie cheese, it’s a gooey yellow-orange center around a firm doughy exterior. And like metaphor, it tends to fall apart when you bite into it.

Cheese corrupts and absolute cheese corrupts absolutely.


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