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Is there an official Boy Scouts position on zombies?

February 23, 2013

From the Calhoun Times: “Scouts learn land navigation at zombie themed event“:

Camp Sidney Dew, the local Boy Scout camp located in Armuchee, was the site of a Zombie Outbreak February 16, as more than 300 Northwest Georgia Boy Scouts, Venturers and leaders gathered for a first-time event called “Zombie-O”.

“Zombie-O”, a Zombie-themed Orienteering event designed to help Scouts improve their map and compass skill, is the brainchild of Max McAdams, a leader with Pack and Troop 30 in Shannon, GA, who also chaired the event.

The zombies in this activity were portrayed by a local co-ed group, so in a nearly literal sense, the scouts were learning to avoid contact with the feminine parts of our culture.

Teams of Scouts, armed only with a map, compass, watch, instructions and whistle (apparently, CSD Zombies HATE whistles!), were sent out with instructions to navigate the course and “avoid contact at all costs”

zombie boy scout

Recall Zombie Pride and the deep connection of zombies to outsider politics.

These Georgia Boy Scouts are learning to navigate by avoiding those that would be different. Now don’t get me wrong, that’s got a lot of positives: they are learning orienteering!! Motivation is hugely important for education. Zombies are a convenient class of nondescript monsters that make an easy narrative to motivate these learning objectives. But, at the same time the lesson may reinforce notions of us versus them, and of an evil mindless enemy unable to reason.

This begs the question, if a zombie wanted to be a Boy Scout, would they be allowed to participate? And if the organization won’t accept zombies, maybe they should lose their tax-exempt status because of discrimination? Consider “zombies” in the context of the Boy Scouts ongoing and current controversies about admitting gay scouts and also about gun control and this may take on a different meaning; those multicultural liberal zombies are to be avoided.

Meanwhile, whatever happened to “Boy Scouts vs. Zombies” the movie? – still in development?

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