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Zombies vs. Jared Leto: “My mind. And a machete.”

February 20, 2013

Cover Media has issued a press release regarding Jared Leto’s recent “zombie apocalypse” Twitter tweet response to question from @LauraLouisexXx1.

Cover Media is an international creative content and news agency.

The Cover Media Jared Leto: “I would outwit zombies” story has already been repeated at many “news” sites: YahooPhillipines; PeopleMagazine South Africa; Lycos; Film-News UK; Hot92andHot100; 925theBeat:

jared leto tweet apocalypse zombies

So, internets, what do you think? How would Jared Leto’s wit survive against a zombie horde? Is that a metaphor for responding to fan questions on twitter? Note also the similarity of machete and machine. Consider that Jared Leto spent many years as the zombie of his former self because so much of the world knows him for his childhood acting career — he was my so called hearthrob before becoming the so-called rockstar frontman of 30 Seconds to Mars —

and now that nerdy girl he jilted is hunting so-called terrorists – or actually she might be the terrorist now at the end of last season (#YouMightBeaTerrorist too #NDAA).

jared leto

See also from Aaron Swartz weblog from Stanford: My So-Called Terrorist Life:

Terrorism always seem like such an unknowable, something incomprehensible, but if psychology has taught us anything it’s that this is not the case. Milgram’s experiments showed that 90% of people can be made to electrocute an innocent until he’s unconscious and psychological research on terrorism similarly finds that terrorists, even suicide terrorists, have no particularly unusual personality traits. Terrorists are just regular, even honorable people, dedicated [to] causes and beliefs that compel violence.

Meanwhile in other how-to-survive tips, the Orion: “Top 5: Ways to survive a zombie apocalypse in Chico” by Thomas Martinez includes:

Locate high buildings – Know your routes – Have a weapon cache – Head for the mountains – Find a pub

And in other zombie entertainment news: “Shock Interview: Elina Madison Talks White Zombie Remake“:

Elina Madison: It’s a remake of the Bela Lugosi classic White Zombie. We kept it along the lines of the original story, but with some twists.

That could be interesting (workers and capitalist factories are a part of the original plot and the director could easily play up #Occupy themes) but the real value of “White Zombie” is Bela Lugosi’s eyes. Note also Jared Leto’s eyes.

Finally consider this so-called life discussion in comparison to Warm Bodies talk of Zombie Boyfriends. And now in other zombie music news: Zombie Girlfriends – see BuzzFeed: Why A Zombie Girlfriend Is The Best by Erin La Rosa about the new music video “Love Bites” by The Midnight Beast


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