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another Zombies Sports update

February 16, 2013

ZombieLaw focuses primarily on law and politics but metaphors from the sports page are also highly relevant.

In college basketball: “Frank Martin compares South Carolina players to zombies in postgame rant” by Kellis Robinett, about the disappointment felt by the coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks:

Frank Martin went Frank Martin on his South Carolina players Thursday night following an embarrassing 64-46 home loss to LSU. The former Kansas State basketball coach was so disgusted by his team’s extreme lack of effort and so frustrated by a fifth-straight loss that he compared all but one of his players to zombies.

zombie coach frank martin gamecocks

Full transcript of Coach Martin’s lament available from Darryl Slater, of the Post and Courier and full video is at GamecocksOnline – note that Coach Martin says he has never been more embarassed to be a basketball coach than he was that day and that he blames the team’s loss of motivation on ever since the Florida game … oh Florida zombies.. and says his players need more “pride“!!! and also “leadership”:

If you’ve got no life for what you do, then you shouldn’t do it. If you’ve got no passion for what you do, then you shouldn’t do it. Right now, we’re passionless and we’re lifeless. “If we somehow don’t find the resolve to try and refocus our energies into the good things, then Saturday won’t be a good day either. You control who you are every day in your life and if you walk around with your shoulders down and your head down, then you’ve got no chance at whatever it is you try to do.

Contrast to article in ESPN: Flesh-eating zombies good for sports by DJ Gallo:

Sports endure through wars, disease and famine. Sport provides humanity with necessary diversion, allowing us to forget our worries for a bit and come together as one. We would need that diversion more than ever when the vast majority of humanity has turned into mindless, flesh-eating zombies bent on our destruction. If anything, sports might become MORE popular and MORE necessary in a zombie-ridden dystopia.

Gallo refers to “wars, disease and famine” – that’s only three of four horsemen. If “disease” is “Death” then the Horseman missing from Gallo’s apocalypse is “Conquest”, the first horseman, already an integral player in sports games. And recall “four horsemen” as a 1924 football metaphor.

More from zombie basketball: from Rockets fall to Kings despite big night from James Harden, 117-111 about Seattle’s Zombie Sonics and the soon to be Zombie Kings. (Query: should that Los Angeles baseball team be called the Zombie Dodgers? I am still bitter about them leaving Brooklyn before I was born but how long is a team a zombie before it finds a new home?

And for more ZombieLaw Sports: Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Football – also Rob Zombie is about to direct a hockey movie about the “Broad Street Bullies” -which seems to suggest that ZombieLaw is missing zombies from soccer and tennis (?) – perhaps those sports require too much finesse – that said a google search will find results for both, so it’s only a matter of time before these metaphor mashes are spotted in more mainstream news.

Recall also from the zombielaw golf post that the word “goofy” relates to “zombies” and so zombie sports always reminds me of Goofy Sports, so head over to youtube and enjoy this fine Saturday watching old Disney Goofy sports cartoons:

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