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Zombie Republicans and the Demon Rep Steve King

February 10, 2013

Daily Kos: Daily Kos Week in Review: All You GOP Zombies by Tom Johnson includes zombie quotes from Beetwasher and from David Nir:

Beetwasher: “World War ZOP” The GOP, party of brain-eaters…

…[America has] a current group fantasy and fascination with zombies as its being depicted through successful pop mediums, movie, tv and videogames.

And we have the GOP, dying, or arguably symbollically dead, defeated in the resounding victory of Obama and the Dems. And yet its rejected, dead ideas are constantly resurfacing. The walking dead, facing complete electoral extinction as their base literally dies off, shuffling around endlessly, aimlessly opposed to anything logical and reasonable, just going through the motions, in effect looking to not just deny rational thought and empiricism, but to destroy it, and the world, all for their insatiable and apparrently uncontrollable, selfish, nihilistic appetite… brains…

David Nir: “PPP’s new Iowa poll shows exactly why Republicans are desperate to stop Zombie Steve King“…that even Rove probably can’t finish off

…[Steve] King is a beast of their own creation, which is why the likes of Karl Rove are trying to drive a stake in this monster’s heart. I really don’t know that they’ll be successful: It might be better, in fact, to compare the movement King represents to a zombie rather than a vampire—try to kill it and it’ll just rise from the dead once again…

Johnson’s review goes on to include other links related to “freaks” and “Jesus“.

Beetwasher’s article also begins with something I would want to quote for my dissertation:

Entertainment, it can be argued, is an expression of the group unconscious bubbling to the surface, like dreams of the individual, except en masse. jungian archetypes writ large reflecting the fantasies of the underlying group unconscious, it’s emotional urges, uspoken desires and fears splashed across our screens.

Nir’s article is focused on the “ultraconservative Congressman” Rep. Steve King of Iowa:

zombie rep steve king

Woe to Republican establishmentarians who wish to stop the mighty demon that is Steve King!

Of course readers of ZombieLaw knows that Zombie Congress is much more than Steve King. Rep. Jim Cooper was credited for coining the phrase in regards to the lame duck session of the 112th Congress that was supposed to decide the fiscal cliff.

zombie jim cooper

Instead, Congress kicked the can and so the sequester still looms (now set for March 1st). Some of the particular zombies of last fall are gone, Taxmagaddom has been avoided (for most people) but the zombie do not die; from a certain perspective the entire process of Congress (and particularly the House) is always just a bunch of bureaucratic zombies – approval is low but turnover rate is also low

See HuffPo “Poll Of Republicans Shows Disapproval Of Republicans In Congress” by Ariel Edwards-Levy:

Overall approval for congressional Republicans was 19 percent in the latest Quinnipiac poll, tying their record low from November 2011. Overall approval for congressional Democrats was 33 percent.

And yet most incumbents mostly win re-election!

So speaking of the Republican establishmentarians and the unconscious in entertainment, note that NYTimes columnist David Brooks this week is entertaining himself with reading Machiavelli’s “The Prince” as a commentary on drones and military targeted assassination in the war on terror.

zombie david brooks zombie Machiavelli drones

Brooks op-ed is titled “Florence and the Drones” which is a both pun on the music artists ‘Florence and the Machine‘ but also Machiavelli was from Florence = as in the city of Italy – recall modern Italian zombie politics and also consider the historic role of targeted assassination in European World War history – “shot heard ’round the world” – which also has metaphor implications for American “Tea Party” revolutionaries! The phrase is also a sports metaphor. In a global world how many tweets does it take to draw the ire of the drones.

See also Irish Times – “Zombies! The genre that won’t die” by Shane Hegarty:

The appeal of the zombie has been written about endlessly. They are a manifestation of Us versus Them, with “Them” being whoever you want it to be, from consumerism to government to inner rage to al-Qaeda. They are about loss of identity and control, dispensing with any of the ambiguity of vampires or werewolves. In an increasingly secular age, they represent a monster that even God cannot kill, so that waving a crucifix or holding an exorcism is not part of the survivors’ armoury.

Last time it was Jim DeMint playing zombie by the cliff but now Jim DeMint is off to Heritage

zombie jim demint

The zombie is an amazing metaphor because it is the Nazi, the middle manager, the anonymous unknown foot soldier. Brooks writes of leaders willing to put country before soul. And so they become soulless monsters – zombie of the State. But the zombie is also part of the populist revolutionary spirit. The colonial spirit rising up against fascist monarchical power. It is the mindless bureaucrats caught in the middle fighting against the populist massed in the streets.

Machiavelli is a zombie; a dead white European male rising annually in due course of the academic Cannon; his advice as useful as Polonius’.

Means-ends analysis is wrong because life – human life and life more generally – is not a means to an end. In the end we are all dead.

See review of the new movie “John dies in the End” by Charlie Schmidlin:

The threat of apocalypse no longer holds consequence enough

as with revolutionary politics and “dimension-bending designer drug” –

One dose produces an onslaught of nightmarish effects, beginning with hyper-acute psychic abilities, and ending with summoned hellspawn from portals tucked in the shadows.


surreal exploits in a dingy Chinese restaurant, the quest for truth instead leads down a rabbit hole of lunacy and delusion.

Is “Soy Sauce” just bath salts by any other name.

See also Chinese Plants vs. Zombies at Getty Images: “China’s Spring Festival” by Feng Li

And in The Daily Camera: “Our zombies, ourselves” by Jennifer Graham of Boston Globe:

Even in a country freshly unnerved by guns, zombie violence is safe and permitted because, well, they’re zombies. Zombies need killin’!

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