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zombie boyfriends

February 9, 2013

From scallywagandvagabond: “Nicholas K Fall/Winter 2013 – A weekend at the Ski Lodge with my Zombie Boyfriend.”

You felt as if you were at the ski lodge with all of your favorite “undead,” while the boys lounged around in their long johns, leather and slipper gripped rubber sole socks, and the girls in their sheer tops, and creamy grey eye shadow. … The layering, paid with the coy bare socks really did it for me. Next winter’s goal is to find the zombie boyfriend who will take me to Vail, with his leather and long johns in tow – these days I don’t think that will be hard to find.

Compare to “Warm Bodies” review in the NYPost: “Eat your heart out: Vampire lovers suck. These days a girl wants a hot zombie with feelings” by Sara Stewart quoting Isaac Marion:

“It’s not fun being a monster with a conscience; his transformation is painful and I think Nicholas pulls off the miracle of making us care about him — and yes, maybe even swoon over him — even though he’s awkward and disgusting.”

Stewart’s NYpost headline evokes Lady Gaga’s song about monsters and eating hearts out = “that boy is a Monster”

Recall Zombielaw ““Hegel’s master/slave dialectic to the film Thelma and Louise”” quoting Nytimes:“Lady Power” by Nancy Bauer:

The Cartesian dualism that drives Sartre’s understanding of human beings as metaphysically divided from themselves is decidedly out of fashion these days.

Again consider the zombie generation of HBO’s “Girls” and the lost generation of zombie Downton Abbey and zombies on How I Met Your Mother or Big Bang Theory.

See also Bob Balaban’s “My Boyfriend’s Back” (first zomromcom?).

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