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Batman, Judge Dredd and Hip Hop

February 8, 2013

USA TODAY: ‘Li’l Gotham’ brings fun to the serious Batman family by Brian Truitt quotes artist Dustin Nguyen about new digital Batman comics:

Nguyen, 36, draws a lot from the 1980s and ’90s cartoons he grew up — watching them, “you get this goofy view of the world,” he says.

So when gets around to tackling the denizens of Li’l Gotham, the key is not to make it too cool or too cute but just make something fun.

“Sometimes if you go too cute, it’ll annoy some people. The more hardcore fans know that you’re going for just plain cute,” Nguyen explains. “Some of the cool stuff doesn’t really work for kids because they don’t understand what you’re going for. Sometimes it’s a lot of sarcasm in the art.

“I try to play off the idea that everyone basically knows who Joker, Batman and Robin are. They’re pretty much household names. If you made a vampire or zombie movie today, you don’t really need to explain who they are and where they came from. It is who it is.”

The trickiest character to capture the right tone for is definitely Batman, according to Nguyen.

“He’s a serious guy and you try to make it where he’s fun but at the same time you don’t want to lose his character,” he says.

Recall Zombies connection to both Batman and Goofy.

Then see MSN review of new Windows phone game: “Dredd vs. Zombies review” by Matt Farrington Smith in which Judge Dredd fights zombies.

Recall the movie version of Judge Dredd stars Sylvester Stallone and this past weekend saw the box office matchup of “Warm Bodies” and Stallone’s latest action flop “Bullet to the Head” – the zombies won the weekend with $20,353,967 whereas “Bullet” took sixth place at $4,548,201 – According to wikipedia: “Bullet to the Head was Sylvester Stallone’s worst opening weekend gross in 32 years, and his second lowest opening weekend gross of all time.”

Both Batman and Judge Dredd skirt the line of law and legal transgression. But consider also, hip hop rappers:

DirectLyrics: New Song: Drake ft. Wiz Khalifa – Started From The Bottom (Remix):

The beat is produced by Mike Zombie, who just recently signed to Drake’s OVO label.

HipHopWired: Flatbush Zombies – “MRAZ” [VIDEO] by Chris Thomas:

The trio, particularly Zombie Juice and Meechy Darko, have never been bashful about their love for mary jane and other drugs. It’s a part of the Flatbush Zombie lifestyle apparently, which director and Madbury Club member Phillip T. Annand does a perfect job of capturing in the shots. Distorted visuals and discoloration turn what would otherwise be a standard “in the studio” clip into a truly psychedelic experience for viewers.

Recall Nicki Minaj and Usher zombies. And consider also the name “Flatbush Zombies” in connection to Zombie “Girls” of Brooklyn and consider the role of marijuana in connection to legal transgression but also in connection to Golf’s Zombie Weeds.


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