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Valentines Zombie Pie

February 5, 2013

Google Trends are fun. The following is a graph for google trends of “Valentines”, “Zombie” and “Pie”. I find it insightful and amusing.

valentines zombie pie

It is neat to see the nearly perfect seasonal character of “valentines” peaking every February. And up until this past year, “pie” also had seasonal peaks near November. “Zombie” also has a seasonal character, around October, but each peak is followed by less decline, leading to overall growth.

he timing of Halloween and Thanksgiving give the illusion of a relationship between zombie and pie. And then each new year, as “pie” declines, “valentines” rises.

This past summer was a bit uncharacteristic. “Pie” had a summer peak this past year that seems to time with news of the reunion movie “American Pie”. And “zombie” also had an unusual summer peak timed with the Miami Times face-eater incident. This could give the illusion of further connection between “zombie” and “pie”. Maybe it is a new summer pattern of summer pie and summer zombie? We will have to wait til next year to see what happens.

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