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SPECIAL 2 week SALE til Valentine’s Day – ZOMBIE BRAIN USB FLASH DRIVE – just $14.99 !!!

February 1, 2013

Happy February!!!
To celebrate the start of this great month, ZombieLaw is offering a special 2 week sale price on some of the remaining Zombie Brain USB Flash Drives. Remember these are a limited edition item, only 250 were made and if the shape design is ever reproduced it will be in different color.

According to Wikipedia, February is

Black History Month (United States)
LGBT History Month (United Kingdom)
National Bird-Feeding Month
Parent Leadership Month

All of those seem relevant to ZombieLaw. Recall zombie racism, zombie pride, zombie dads, zombie moms, and birds… well ok maybe bird feeding isn’t related (Hitchcock?).

Also Super Bowl is Sunday – recall zombie football.

And tomorrow, February 2, is Groundhog Day (United States and Canada) – and what’s more zombie than Bill Murray repeating the same miserable day over and over again.

Also Abraham Lincoln, the great emancipator and hunter of vampires, birthday February 12.

And then of course, Valentine’s Day, February 14 – recall that both love and juju may be zombie cures.

So in honor of February, the zombie brain flash drive is now only $14.99 (was $24.99 – over 40% off! but only for the next two weeks!)
Get one via Amazon while supplies last!

Thank you for your continued support of ZombieLaw.


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