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More British Zombies – climate myths, matricide and decision-making research

January 30, 2013

Online Athens: “In The Spotlight: ‘Zombie theories’ and climate change“:

“Zombie theories” are long-refuted myths that “live on” in blogs and editorials. McClanahan mentions a statement attributed to the United Kingdom Meteorological Office that the planet hasn’t warmed since 1998. This statement was originally reported in the Daily Press. The UK Met Office, in fact, disavows any association with this article and says it was never questioned about the actual science of climate change by the author. McClanahan cites one of the most flawed “zombie theories” in circulation relating to public climate discourse, but the facts debunk these assertions.

ZeeNews: “Naked man beheads mother thinking she is a witch“:

London: A 44-year-old Briton beheaded his elderly mother because he believed she was a witch, and then wandered on the streets of London naked like a “zombie”, a court has heard.

Daily Gazette: “Uni researchers learn from zombies

ZOMBIES will be brought to life by academics at Essex University during a fun event in London. … Visitors will be asked to imagine the world is in the grip of a zombie outbreak which they must escape from. The game, called Horde, has been developed by Dr Edd Codling and post-doctoral research fellow Nikolai Bode to showcase some of their research into collective decision-making…

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