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“Zombie Bikers who run an internet” ~ Jeff B. Cohen

January 25, 2013

CNBC Guest Blog: “Cohen: Can Bikers, Zombies and Amazon Save TV?” by former “Goonies” child star Jeff B. Cohen, who is now a lawyer and partner his Beverly Hills law firm Cohen Gardner LLP. Cohen writes:

AMC licensed Netflix the right to stream “The Walking Dead,” after one season. Did these Netflix zombies cannibalize the ratings of the show on AMC? Nope, according to the Network, distributing the episodes on Netflix significantly increased the ratings for new episodes when they were broadcast on AMC. The finale for the second season had a 50% increase in viewership from the finale of Season 1.

I suspect a similar comment could be made about Downton — also note again the recent connection of zombies to Netflix and Amazon streaming services, concluding:

It’s exciting to think what the future of “television” (if it can continue to be called that) holds. Perhaps Zombie Bikers who run an internet book store? Like “Friends” with an edge…

Like the internet (as explained by the London Olympics opening ceremonies) -“Zombies are part of the British invasion” by By Andy Edelstein in today’s Newsday(!!!):

Five Zombies invaded America in the fall of 1964. But these Zombies played musical instruments, spoke with British accents and, for a brief moment, made teenage girls scream.

Recall from ZombieLaw: “The Zombies are your Daddy” – The Zombies are still rocking – they aren’t yet planning to come to NY on this tour but Newsday has good reason to write about zombies – the great old songs:

“She’s Not There” (which hit No. 2 on the Billboard charts in November 1964), “Tell Her No” (No. 6 in early 1965) and “Time of the Season” (No. 3 in February 1969). Not to mention that the band’s “Odessey and Oracle” (1968) is considered one of rock’s most highly regarded albums (No. 100 on Rolling Stone’s Top 500 albums of all time).

Meanwhile, in PCWorld zombies are old accounts – “How to prevent ‘zombie accounts’ from haunting your digital identity” by Tony Bradley warning:

Kevin Haley, director of Symantec Security Response, warns that zombie accounts could get hacked, and that the data shared with those accounts could be stolen or exposed—but he also notes that the risk isn’t necessarily any greater than it is for the sites you actively use.

Keep in mind, however, that more-obscure sites and services don’t have the resources of Facebook or Google, and may not be as actively maintained and protected.

… deactivate or delete unused services and applications, or your zombie accounts will eventually come back to haunt you.

And in NPR zombie can be a characteristic of a person character behavior “‘Yossi’: Out In Israel, And That’s Just Fine” by Ella Taylor – describing a fictional Israeli character, “a cardiologist with his own heart frozen in grief” who is “painfully gradual coming-out” as a homosexual:

Though he’s competent at work, Yossi functions at just above zombie level in his private life.

Speaking of which, maybe I’ll go now and see if I can stream “Goonies”.

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