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Tennessee may ban William Shatner and talking dogs and space aliens from Legal Advertising

January 25, 2013

Blog of Legal Times: FTC Urges Tennessee Court to Ease Off Lawyer Ad Restrictions:

Tennessee is considering proposals that would ban the use of actors playing the role of clients, prohibit ads narrated by well-known spokespeople (here’s looking at you, William Shatner) and forbid certain background sounds.

Also on the table: a rule that would limit the images in ads to gavels, scales of justice, the Statue of Liberty, flags, eagles, courthouses, columns, law books or photos of attorneys (“against a plain, single-colored background or unadorned set of law books.”) Specifically forbidden: talking dogs and space aliens.

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See also ZombieLaw on Star Trek or aliens.

And speaking of talking dogs = Miska says I Love You:

See also CNN: “Morality: It’s not just for humans” by Elizabeth Landau – about chimpanzees but the point remains, morality is not only for humans – but is justice?

What is it about animals and fictional funny characters that the Tennessee courts are specifically against – is this just about professionalism (compare also to the plethora of characters evoked by the insurance industry) or is there something more about the rational nature of law and its relationship to fictional characters?

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