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Newsday zombie cocktails

January 23, 2013

Newsday just posted “The Zombie cocktail packs a punch” by Peter Gianotti about the zombie alcoholic cocktail along with a beautiful picture of the sugar rum concoction:

A zombie sneaks up on you, in the imagination, on a movie or TV screen, and most powerfully in a glass.

The Zombie is a high-octane cocktail that refreshes as easily as it intoxicates. Three or four rums, fruit juices, maybe sugar, bitters, grenadine or falernum syrup and brandy — and it’s your private “Night of the Living Dead.”

One Zombie, of course, is sufficient. The second [and the rest is available blocked by the Newsday subscribe-wall – update: now free at Pocono Record w/ recipe]

Recall the importance of rum and Caribbean sugar trade in the development of zombie history.

Note also that Newsday is owned by Cablevision. Cablevision has another subsidiary called Rainbow Media Holdings, LLC which was the owner of AMC Networks prior to the latter’s spinoff to publicly traded company in 2011. Meanwhile, the recent dispute between Dish Networks and AMC (recall zombies walking NYC and A.Zombie for President as part of their mass media negotiation stratgy) – as part of the resolution of that dispute:

On October 21, 2012, AMC Networks announced a settlement was reached between them, Cablevision and Dish in which Dish was forced to pay up to $700 Million in damages to Cablevision

Then, earlier this month, LightReading: “Netflix, Cablevision Cut a CDN Deal“:

Netflix Open Connect, the single purpose video content delivery network launched last year, is now delivering the majority of Netflix international traffic and is growing at a rapid pace in the domestic market.

Also in TelecomRamblings: “Netflix’s CDN Gains Ground, Claims Cablevision” by Robert Powell:

Netflix’s video traffic is so big a piece of the internet already that managing it directly has become a job all its own.

Of course, they’re still buying infrastructure services to make it happen, just different services. It’s interesting though that they’re still depending so heavily on Amazon for cloud services while bringing the network more in-house.

Zombies Are Coming After Netflix” By Rick Aristotle Munarriz is about developing original programming on streaming services -particularly the possibility of a “ZombieLand” TV series maybe coming to Amazon just as “House of Cards” is about to premiere on Netflix.

Zombies remain major players in the ongoing media cable wars. Powell explains:

the hard part will be where the content/peering conflict is burning hottest – i.e. with Comcast and over in France with Free, FT, etc. It’s a long road ahead still.

Just in time streaming is the future and the future is now. But it is still really hard to tell what is media hype and what is actually a revolutionary new service. Again it’s a kind of credibility issue. Also this is about selling packages of programming in bundles (like random juices of alcohol) — So raise a tall glass of zombie “juice” or say a big New Zealand “cheers” to Kim Dotcom for: “Truth, Integrity, Knowledge Independence”


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